the-wildlife-trustsHere are 5 more Wildlife Watch Guest Blogs to supplement the ones we published the other day:

6. The benefits of outdoor learning

Marina Robb, author of ‘Learning with Nature: A how-to guide to inspiring children through outdoor games and activities’, talks about the benefits of outdoors learning in this beautiful blog post.  Give it a read.

 7. Spawn to be wild – Kate Marsh

Avon Wildlife Trust, in partnership with Bristol Water, are teaching children about the plight of the critically endangered European eel (Anguilla Anguilla), through their ‘Spawn to be Wild’ schools project.  Here Kate Marsh, Learning Development Manager at Avon Wildlife Trust, tells all

8. Ryan Walsh

Ryan Walsh is one of our new guest bloggers! He’s the Head of Outdoor Work at Bedales Prep School, Dunhurst. His first blog post details a step-by-step guide to building a mini-nature reserve at a school.  Have a read

9. Dissecting owl pellets – Gemma Waters

Gemma Waters is a natural history educator who runs hands-on activities with schools and other groups. In her blog she explains what exactly an owl pellet is, all the gruesome facts, and how to dissect one yourself!  Give it a go

10. Minds and happiness flourish with outdoor learning – Emma Websdale

If nature makes children happier and healthier, shouldn’t we be doing more of it? That’s what Emma Websdale, Senior Communications Officer at The Wildlife Trusts and Editor of Wildlife Watch, asks in her guest blog.  See this blog post on Mark Avery’s site here.

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