Wildlife Watch is the junior branch of The Wildlife Trusts. It’s on a mission to put wildness into families, teenagers & children. Wildlife Watch runs two blogs.

One is Benny the Blenny’s blog which is quite hard to say but which “explores life beneath the waves around Britain with Benny the Blenny”.  The most recent post was on Dad’s duties wiping magic slime on the eggs!  It began:

As soon as any new eggs are laid, I quickly fertilise them to make sure I’m their Dad. You’ll see me wiping the eggs over in the video, and the photo shows my special glands with the honeycomb pattern. These glands are only this big when I’m attracting females in the spring and then looking after the eggs. They shrink in size at the end of July or in August after my last batch of eggs has hatched. …

The other is a guest blog in which Wildlife Trust staff members and volunteers, teachers and professionals write on topics from outdoor education to “fun-filled activities”.  Recent topics have included:

  • Gardening for Wildlife in a Small Space!  Ann, from SumoGardener tells us how to make the most of a small space! Just because you might have a small garden, it doesn’t mean it can’t be a wildlife haven, and look beautiful, too!
  • The Problem with Plastic   Plastic is one of the biggest waste products that we use in our day to day life. Cheryl Burns tells you how you can reduce your plastic use.
  • A brief guide to looking after hedgehogs in your garden  Vine House Farm tell you how you can help the prickly little mammals in your garden. Make sure any spiky visitors to your garden are well fed and well looked after with these great tips.
  • Meeting the Mighty  Nicolette Scourse talks about her adventures diving with whale sharks off the coast of Australia.
  • Eco-coasteering  Us Brits have always loved to be beside the seaside but we usually enjoy it from a deck chair with a 99 in hand. This summer experience the amazing coastline in a new way with a family day out getting up close and personal with the local sea-life. It’s time to ditch the deck chair and wade into the waves!
  • All about The Wildlife Trusts!  Leanne Manchester has been speaking to Garden Life, telling them about why The Wildlife Trusts is important and how everybody can help local wildlife, no matter how small their garden.
  • Top tips for taking great photographs  Want to know how to take great photographs and film, whether you’ve got a top-end camera or a smartphone?  Rachel Wilkins from Jessops is here to help!
  • St Peter’s School Blog!  In an urban school where green space is getting smaller and smaller, Katy and her class explore the challenges of bringing nature into the classroom.
  • London’s Wildest Swims!  Charlotte Graham-Spouge visited some wild swimming destinations, and here’s what she thought…  Fancy an unusual dip? 
  • The Baker family write about their 30 Days Wild 2016!  Did you have a go at 30 Days Wild this year? The Baker family gave it a go for the second year running, and fell in love with the challenge all over again!
  • Willow’s Forest School  If you go down to the woods today … you might be surprised to see children from I CAN’s Meath School enjoying their learning. Each class are having the opportunity to use the woods to support and enhance their learning experience.
  • Pond dipping with Wildlife Watch  Annie Ives, volunteer Wildlife Watch leader, runs through a pond dipping session with her group, and how they linked it to important OPAL surveys!

There’s more …

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