There’s a new video from London Wildlife Trust [LWT] about the importance of outdoor learning for young children and families. It’s set around Camley Street Natural Park, a small nature reserve, just

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an eight minute walk from King’s Cross station. Last year, over 3,700 children went there to enjoy learning about nature and wildlife.

LWT says:

“The video shows visiting children fascinated and captivated by the wildlife they find, under the watchful eyes of trained staff and volunteers. For many this is their only real access to nature, a place where they can safely go pond dipping, catching real life mini-beasts in the reserve’s large pond. A visit to the bee hives gives children a chance to learn about pollinating insects, and there are lots of other opportunities to discover and learn about wildlife species.”

The reserve is typical of the wildlife gems that Wildlife Trusts have to offer right across the country. So, next time you have 30 minutes to spare at King’s X, why not forego that over-priced, globalised cappuccino and head off to Camley Street instead. Because you’re worth it.

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