We are grateful to Max McMurdo for these up-cycling tips:

  1. Jam jars – these make great display storage

  2. Old lampshades – remove fabric to reveal a beautiful wire structure

  3. Coat hangers – these can be used to make amazing lampshades as seen on the latest Channel 4 series of ‘Fill your house for free’

  4. Chipped crockery – attach old ceramics to anything easily with mouldable glue Sugru. Check out a teapot turned bird feeder here

  5. Skateboard – make a quirky wall mounted shelf

  6. Jelly moulds or aluminium plant pots – to create gorgeous lampshades

  7. Washing machine drum – in my new book ‘upcycling’ you can learn how to make an illuminated side table from one or use it as a feature plant pot in the garden

  8. Bicycle parts – can be used in a range of projects from seating to tables.

  9. Food tins – use these to display stationary or as plant pots to create a real industrial feel.

  10. Washing up bottles – it all started with me making these into rockets as a child!


We think that this is an engaging list, although many would seem to be down-cycling, rather than up.  Here’s more information about to get involved in Recycling Week.

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