If you like having fun, getting muddy knees, and getting to know your wild neighbours, this may be the course for you.

Workshops, on Saturday August 22nd and Sunday 23rd will try to bring out the Sherlock Holmes in you.  Through a range of exercises and games, you can explore how to recognise different tracks and signs, follow animal trails and more.  The course is run in partnership with naturalist, conservationist and outdoor educator Dan Puplett. 

There will be an immersion into the world of bird language – the art of interpreting bird calls to gain a deeper insight into what’s happening around us, and you can learn the secrets of predicting the sparrow hawk’s arrival, or finding where your local tawny sleeps during the day! Bird language can teach us to reduce the disturbance we make, while increasing our empathy and awareness as we begin to realise how acute birds and other animals are to our own presence in the environment.

All details here.

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