If you’re an oak tree, of course, every day is Oak Day, and you spend it just trying to get along with the rest of the near-biosphere whilst fighting off predators and pests of all kinds; some centuries old; some novel.  We humans, however, have to make do with one day in the year.  In 2016, this is tomorrow, October 20th.

Circle of Life Rediscovery, which is “passionate about training schools, organisations and education departments, in outdoor learning” has organised an oak day day in East Sussex.  It says:

“The Oak is a well loved and respected tree of this land. It has been called the “King of the Woods” and in the essence of true kingship, this tree supports, shelters and nourishes more variety of life in the ecology of Britain than any other.”

col-logoIt also says that the CPD day is for practitioners who work with young people of all ages.  They will learn important and precious knowledge of how to process acorn.  They will create delicious and nourishing food including acorn flour and share simple recipes that can inspire you to try this at home or with groups of all ages in the forest.

All that said, we are not all that convinced that this is a good idea. Why, when supermarkets of all sorts are stuffed with flour, would you take acorns out of the wild to indulge yourselves at the expense of animals that need the stuff for food.  It hardly seems good neighbourly.

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