We’ve copied this from our President’s blog:

I was scribbling about global warming and went to the NASA website.  As well as some fine pictures – they do have some of the world’s best camera angles – the screen shows some key climate change / global warming stats.  They are hard not to keep looking at:

  • carbon dioxide – 404.48 ppm
  • global temperature – up 1.4 degrees (F) since 1880
  • Arctic sea ice minimum – reducing at a rate of 13.4% / decade
  • land ice – reducing by 281 giga tonnes / year
  • sea level – rising by 3.5 mm / year

You could get quite gloomy, and that’s before you let your mouse hover over these data for a more in-depth view …

As we know Bill understands, it doesn’t pay to let gloom get the better of you.  The NASA website is also full of positive stories about human attempts to get the measure of the problem and do something about it.

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