The University of Gloucestershire and the International Ecolinguistics Association have launched a new open online ecolinguistics course: The Stories We Live by.  This is

Free Everything in the course is free, including accessing the materials, registering, tuition, and a certificate of completion. And you are free to reuse materials in any way (e.g., in teaching).

On now Simply click here to access all the main materials. You can work through the course at your own pace.

About The social and ecological issues that humanity currently faces are so severe that they call into question the fundamental stories that we live by: stories of consumerism, infinite economic growth, progress and human separation from nature. This course provides linguistic tools for revealing the stories we live by, questioning them from an ecological perspective, and contributing to the search for new stories to live by.

Just Register to access additional materials, take part in discussion groups, contact a tutor or apply for a completion certificate.  Tuition is offered by International Ecolinguistics Association volunteer tutors. They are experts in ecolinguistics, each with their own research specialism, and can offer help and advice in 12 different languages.

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