8b9c7992-d8fa-427c-a521-26295fd9324eThis is a link to Arkive’s latest round-up of it work.

There are features on deforestation, re-introduced species and seagulls.  There is also a section on new resources for 7 to 11 year olds which include:

Nature’s Lights explores how light is essential in the natural world, and how and why animals that live in the dark produce light via bioluminescence so that they can find food and communicate with others.

5f116aa7-f9c7-46a6-9cd8-2d6c9926a03aGuess the Pollinator is a fun creative activity which teaches students that certain animals have preferences for a flower type, colour, shape or smell. Using the Colouring Sheets, students will colour in a chosen flower, then use the facts written underneath to match their flower up with its pollinator.

Design a Flower teaches students about what pollination is and how it happens. Using what they learned, students will then receive a card with a specific pollinator on it and will be asked to design the perfect flower for them.



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