Take the Green Challenge is one of the two articles published by Green Teacher in its September 2015 edition that is freely available to read.  We are highlighting it here to draw your attention both to the article, and to Green Teacher itself, as this is a journal that NAEE finds to be consistently informative and interesting.
The article begins …

“The gym is dark on an early February morning, illuminated faintly by the low winter sun streaming through windows two stories up, and a few candles dotting the stage.   They shine on the 7th grade classes singing a song about energy, accompanied by their teacher on acoustic guitar.

The rest of the school listens, some of the younger students swaying and bouncing as their bodies naturally find the music’s rhythm.  This all-school assembly will kick off the month’s Green Challenge – Save Electricity – and the students who planned the assembly didn’t want to use electricity to show a PowerPoint, or even to light up the stage. …”

To read the rest of the article, go to the Green Teacher website.

Here, you will also find details about how to subscribe which gives you access to the many articles found within.


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