NUS, with others, is holding a two day student sustainability summit at the University of Bristol Students’ Union next Monday and Tueday 09/10 November.

Although the event is aimed at students and student officers, staff that work in sustainability roles in are really welcome to attend, as pretty much all the issues being discussed require student-staff collaboration.

Day one is all about getting to grips with the issues. Our opening keynote is David Buckland, founder of Cape Farewell, who will talk about why it is crucial that the sustainability movement works with the creative industries to engage the non-engaged. There are workshop sessions on our new divest-invest campaign on fossil fuels; curriculum reform; enterprise for local food (including a new funding announcement); P&P’s migrant rights campaign; influencing behaviours through the ISM model with Andrew Darnton; health, wellbeing and sustainability; COP21 and beyond (it was our day of action today, see here and here); green jobs and skills; creative activism; community energy and energy democracy; P&Ps sweatshops campaign.

Day two is about skills and capacity building, and developing contacts and networks, with lots of space for discussions. To involve campaigns planning; Green Office Model; skills and knowledge share, as well as the National Excellence Meeting (Green Impact Students’ Unions)

You can go on either or both days.  Bookings will close after 200 registrations.




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