GetImage.aspxGroundwork London is currently offering schools STEM workshops Linked to the Key Stage 3 Science and Geography Curriculum on the topic of the Green Economy.  The programme, ‘Welcome to the Green Economy‘  – funded by Our Bright Future, will engage 700 young people across 70 secondary schools in London and show them how to undertake environmental audits in their schools, they will also learn about the huge range of  careers in the green sector.

More details on the wider project can be found here.

1: What is the Green Economy?
Students are introduced to green jobs and engage critically with the latest debates surrounding climate change, sustainability and population growth
2. Design a Sustainable City
Students explore a range of innovative green technologies. Working in groups, they evaluate and prioritise these technologies as part of a challenge to design a sustainable city.
3. Hands-on Activity Experience the green economy first-hand with interactive activities from a choice of 4 sectors, Energy, Land, Waste or Water.

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