Here’s a reminder about Rotary’s endangered species project which NAEE is pleased to be associated with.

Teachers are invited to encourage their students to participate in an endangered species project and design and produce a leaflet showing how arctic animals particularly Polar bears are affected by Climate Change. Students are also encouraged to produce a depiction of a polar bear in any size using recyclable materials.

All submitted entries will go towards the construction of a giant Polar Bear Collage to be sponsored by Rotary clubs.  The money raised will go towards the WWFs Adopt an Endangered species Wild life Programme.  The completed collage will go on display at Holly Trinity In Broad Gate Coventry.  Prizes and Participation certificates will be awarded to all entering Schools, and the school with the best overall submissions will receive the Jaguar Leaper trophy to keep for two years.  Please send your entries to:

Gabrielle Back, 3 Underhill Close, Finham, Coventry CV3 6RB,   or

Dr Jacky Lawrence, Energy Team, WCC, Shire Hall, Warwick, Warwickshire, CV34 4RL

The closing date is March 31st 2017

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