We have written a number of articles on Kate Raworth’s ideas about the doughnut.  For example:

Now Ronald Rovers – whose blog is an occasional feature here – has written about the hole in the doughnut and more economics.  This begins:

“And off we go, to Kate Raworth speaking in Rotterdam, about her book and ideas on ‘dougnut economics’.  The evening started well: at the entrance I overheard a conversation between two students:  One saying: “what a lousy students we are, not going to lectures for half a year and yet we go to Kate Raworth…. “  Laughter…  You can think a lot hearing that, but maybe its best after all that they did not follow those outdated economy courses….  The lecture was outstanding, well documented and convincing.  Just like in her book it had a detailed analyses of the history of economical knowledge development, and how its manipulated and used. And of course the need for a new model. For which she proposes a interesting analyses, most essential is the already famous illustration, that acquired the name Doughnut. …

It ends like this:
“The problem now is, as Raworth writes: everything is losing value, over time, except money…  The conclusions can thus be that we have to turn things around: That money should loose value, and all the other should profit, grow….  And where Raworth still urges economists to adopt new principles, I would like to pose: economists, how to get rid of them…!  The amount of economists has also long ago crossed a planetary boundary.  Is about time physicists takes over…! As is what I suggested the two students, that went to listen to Raworth: to change studies …
 There will be more about this over the coming days.

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