The Young People’s Trust for the Environment (YPTE) has been busy for the last few months creating lesson plans and presentations to assist teachers in delivering lessons on environmental topics that meet with the requirements of the National Curriculum.

YPTE offers free talks and presentations in schools, but as a small organisation with a limited budget, it can’t provide the coverage it would like to be able to offer.  So the idea behind the downloadable lesson plans and presentations is to make it easier for teachers to deliver lessons on a wide range of environmental issues that meet the requirements of the National Curriculum.  Each of the lesson plans has a presentation to go with it, which provides photos and diagrams to illustrate the key points and saves teachers a vast amount of time on research, image finding etc.

The latest lesson plan and presentation are focussed on the Year 5 Science Curriculum, covering Living things and their habitats, looking at animal life cycles, animal reproduction and famous naturalists and animal behaviourists.  The link to the lesson plan is here and the presentation to accompany it can be downloaded here.  The whole range of lesson plans can be viewed here, with more being developed all the time.
All are free for teachers to download.  YPTE’s website also provides a large amount of environmental information for young people and teachers and is currently seeing around 110,000 visits per month.

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