logoBBOWT says give nature a vote in the General Election

The Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust (BBOWT) believes that nature’s recovery starts here, where people and wildlife thrive together.  Nature doesn’t have a vote in this General Election, so the Wildlife Trust is speaking up for all local wildlife and the local environment.  It goes on:

Go to our Vote for Nature page to find out how you can help make the natural environment in your constituency an important electoral issue.  This is your opportunity to demand that nature and the environment is a priority for the next Government. If your local candidates are going to take nature seriously they need to know that you do, and why the local environment matters so much to you.  We’re writing to all our Prospective Parliamentary Candidates to tell them about the state of nature in their constituencies. We’re asking them to tell us what they will do for nature and the environment. These statements will be posted on our Vote for Nature page so you can make your own judgement on what they will do for nature if they are elected.

The Vote for Nature page will be updated in the next few days with

  • a list of all the candidates standing in the 21 parliamentary constituencies in Berks, Bucks & Oxon with email contacts for you to use
  • the letter that BBOWT is sending to all the local candidates asking them to tell us what they will do for nature and the environment in their constituency if they are elected.

Will all the wildlife trusts be doing this?


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