99053753-b378-4156-8c23-874a6144935fThe Ramblers say that 59,000 problems were reported through the Big Pathwatch last year, but that they found that the majority of our paths seem to be in good condition.

It follows, they say, that the scale of the challenge to maintain all 140,000 miles of our rights of way is far from insurmountable. With low level maintenance to deal with undergrowth and missing signs, the majority of problems could be solved. But we need the public’s support to solve them.

missing_sign_pathwatchWe’re asked to look out for the launch of the next campaign during the week of 14 – 20 November.  As well as asking the walking public to take action to protect the places they walk, The Ramblers will be working in partnership with local authorities to better monitor and maintain the network, as it  wants everyone to appreciate the incredible asset paths are, for our health, environment and economy.


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