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Storymaking and Telling in the Natural World

Jon Cree  31st January 2017.
Upper Vert Woods, near Laughton

Here’s the booking form.

“This creative, playful workshop will explore the relationship between stories, storytelling and the natural world around us, with its application to school and community groups. It will suit beginners and those who already work with stories.  This day is for anyone involved in working with groups (adults or children) in an educational setting. It is for those wishing to enable a creative to the world around them utilising the power and richness of language and stories. During the process of the workshop we will play games, immerse ourselves through observational exercises and share experiences… and stories of course!”

Making Natural Playstructures

Jon Cree 27th February 2017.
Upper Vert Woods, near Laughton

Here’s the booking form

This course is for educators wishing to be a little more adventurous with creative play structures at their sites, building them out of wood and rope and combining these with the natural features at your site.  We will be sharing techniques and know-how on building safe but slightly risky (!) structures with children that can enhance creativity and physical play at your forest school site.

We will be looking at techniques for making:

  • Rope swings, rope bridges, rope crawls and rope walks
  • Combining wood with rope including simple rope ladders and tree houses
  • Making free standing wooden structures such as ladders and sculptures to climb on

Including tips on:

  • How to minimise impact of structures on Forest school sites
  • Keeping within the health and safety guidelines for safe construction and use of natural structures

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