Here are a few recent updates from the Soil Association:

1. In his new book, Everyday Superfood, Jamie Oliver has championed organic food.  He says that rather than being an unaffordable luxury, organic is just another word for natural.  See: Jamie Oliver 

2. On November 5th the Soil Association will hold its 7th annual Soil Symposium. This year’s focus will be on the importance of protecting and improving the quality of the soil that we all need to survive.  Read more here: Soil Association’s 2015 Soil Symposium

3. A recent study shows that low-levels of the herbicide glyphosate impacts bees’ ability to navigate to pollen sources and back to their nests.  This is on-top of neonicotinoid pesticides which have the same effect.  As we noted the other day, the Soil Association is campaigning against the use of glyphosate

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