Here’s a link to the OneSimpleThing, blog for the naturally curious, dedicated to all things to do with sustainability.  This, the homepage says provides everything you need to help you make informed choices, and live lives full of passion and purpose.

The section on the environment has recent foci on:

Energy saving tips and tricks

“Definitely sense a slight chill in the air as the evening light fades and the dawn of the morning seems shadowed in darkness, a reminder that Winter will soon be upon us and it is, the ideal time to think about how we can stay warm and cosy without stressing out the planet, as we look to turn our thermostats on.  And that really is where we start, because turning down our thermostats by just one degree can make a huge difference to, not just our pockets but, the environment too, so why not do onesimplething …”
“As much as we may not give it much thought, the water that many of us take for granted is in seriously short supply, in fact, what we need is conservation on a global scale.  The problem is until we begin to understand that the only alternative to water is water we will continue to misuse, mismanage, pollute, and waste our most precious resource”.
There’s lots more.

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