logo-footerOur Webwatch section continues its focus on those crucial international targets that were agreed a few months ago: the Sustainable Development Goals.  Today we look at the OECD.

The OECD presented its strategic action plan for the Sustainable Development Goals to ministers from member countries on the meeting in Paris last June.

The action plan is divided into four broad areas where OECD will …

  1. apply the SDG lens to the entire scope of the OECD’s work and existing strategies. Some OECD work already has been integrated into the SDGs, and it will continue to follow this approach.
  2. improve the evidence base and statistics capacity here and in individual countries to help monitor SDG progress.
  3. upgrade its support for integrated planning and policy making at the country level and provide a platform for governments to share experiences related to the SDGs.  Sharing lessons will be vital as we move forward.
  4. make the SDGs part and parcel of its external relations with non-member countries.  OECD will offer assistance to those who need it and do its best to make sure no one is left behind.

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