Here’s an update from the NUS on its campaigns around plastics:

  • Over 40 students’ unions (SUs) have got rid of plastic straws through The Last Straw
  • That has also led to Trinity Saint David’s SU becoming our first plastic-free bar!
  • Reading SU has passed policy to apply a plastic tax on straws, which has delivered reductions in use
  • Sheffield SU has made a waste-free shop that is doing a roaring trade and making money, and Leeds SU is putting in a plastic-free aisle
  • In April 2018, at NUS Conference, students passed policy on plastics, mandating NUS to lots of action, see p135-6 here
  • We are working with Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham to convene a roundtable in Manchester to see if/how Manchester can have the World’s first [single-use] plastic-free campuses
  • We are doing lots of work in our supply chain through NUS Services
  • We have some funding from WRAP to run a project next year that will reverse the social norm of single-use coffee cups to reusable, working with 5-6 institutions to trial interventions. As part of this, we have recently launched our coffee-cup pledge for institutions and individuals
  • Approximately a third of the student-led projects through the My World My Home (NUS / Friends of the Earth) programme this year have been on plastics, see this film from Richmond College

Many think it’s a pity that the NUS writ does not run in schools.

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