Are you anywhere near Beauly?  If so, the Nature Days at Aigas might be just the thing.

Click here to read more and to download programme guides and more information.

Nursery programmes are based around sensory learning and allow children to interact with the outdoors whilst being safe and having fun.  Aigas focuses on teaching children about animals and plants and the way they interact with each other, and uses games to teach the children about life cycles.  Activities take place throughout the Aigas estate which allow children to explore different habitats and environments.

Primary programmes are tailored to the age group of the children.  For younger groups there are a number of games and activities which allow them to express themselves and work as a team, whilst also learning about the environment.

For the older groups there are workshops on tracks and signs, shelter building, spoon carving, and fire lighting. There are also guided walks and outreach sessions for the children either at school or in a local green space.

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