The Government is to create a national litter strategy to help address the dreadful litter problem that is found across the whole country.  This has been welcomed by Keep Britain Tidy, which says it reflects its campaigning for government leadership on the issue of litter.

However, KBT thinks that the Government should have taken specific action on littering from vehicles and cigarettes – currently the number one littered item in the country.  KBT CEO, Allison Ogden-Newton, has called for regular surveys of litter without which, she says, it’s difficult to envisage how we can have an effective strategy.

What do you think?  Will surveys help?  Or will they just confirm the obvious – that too many British people care more about their convenience than about the surroundings they live in.

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  1. Hampshire council have recently adopted a charging policy at local tips for household waste (not trade waste) thus, in my view, providing less incentive to dump waste responsibly.
    I understand this is in direct contradiction to the national litter strategy which recommends no charging at local council tips. Is this correct and what action can be taken to stop this charging ?

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