naaee-logoRegistration is now open for the 46th Annual NAAEE Conference [ October 18-21 ] and the 14th Annual Research Symposium [ October 17-18 ].  It’s being held in partnership with Para la Naturaleza in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  NAAEE says:

Our 46th Annual Conference will build on more than four decades of work in our field to think creatively and collectively about how we can create a more sustainable future.  We will pay tribute to the importance of the first international conference on environmental education, which was held in Tbilisi, Georgia, in 1977, and brought together environmental education leaders from around the world who first framed how education can help address the growing environmental and social challenges facing society.  During the conference, we will share ideas and innovation about how we can build on the Tbilisi framework to imagine a better future and create a path forward for the field in the coming decade and beyond.

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