glp_logo_w260The Global Learning Programme’s resources page has a month’s worth of resources.

Here are the links:

Days 1–10:

  1. Development and the SDGs (GLP)
  2. More or less equal? (GLP)
  3. Dollar Street (Gapminder)
  4. Poverty (GLP)
  5. Poverty and Human Rights (Amnesty)
  6. World Food Day (GLP)
  7. How do we stop new diseases spreading? (British Council)
  8. Education for all (GLP)
  9. Stories from Haiti (GLP)
  10. No girl left behind (UNESCO)

Days 11–19:

  1. Send My Friend to School Teaching pack
  2. The World We Want: Netley Primary School case study (GLP)
  3. World’s Largest Lesson and Gender Equality (GLP)
  4. Women’s History Month (GLP)
  5. Health and Sanitation (GLP)
  6. Energy resources (GLP)
  7. Human rights and child rights (GLP)
  8. Globalisation (GLP)
  9. The global right to access sustainable technologies (Practical Action)

Days 20–31:

  1. Lesson plans and posters (World’s Largest Lesson)
  2. Equality and inequality (GLP)
  3. KS3 Citizenship ‘City of Lucksville’ (GLP)
  4. Fairtrade Fortnight activities (GLP)
  5. Climate change conference (GLP)
  6. Renewable energy STEM challenge (Practical Action)
  7. Renewable energy: How can we keep the lights on? (Schools Online)
  8. Sustainable Fisheries, Frozen Oceans and other KS2/3 case studies (GLP)
  9. KS2 Amazon Rainforest pack (Action Aid)
  10. Peace resources (GLP)
  11. Global Goals assembly activities (World’s Largest Lesson)
  12. Overview of SDG materials (GLP)

You can learn more about the SDGs on the Global Goals website, where you’ll find support for teaching around the Goals and information on the World’s Largest Lesson.

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