logo-mbari-3bThis link will take you to lesson plans from the Monterey Bay Aquarium research institute.

The foci are:

Underwater gliders – used by scientists are the future of oceanic exploration. Follow the steps in this mini-unit to learn about data collected off the coast of Antarctica and how science and technology blend to collect data where humans cannot venture. Students will also engage in an engineering design challenge to assist scientists as they continue to develop cutting-edge technology.  These activities will provide information about venturing deeper and under sea ice shelves to explore the amazing interactions between the chemistry of the ocean, physical oceanography, and species that inhabit these majestic ecosystems.

Shades of Water – What does the color of the water tell you about conditions in marine and freshwater environments? What are the variables that affect that colour?  In this lesson students will participate in a variety of activities that allows them to brainstorm what impacts the color of our global water.  They will perform research, analyse graphs and use real time data sets to make predictions, discuss limitations of methodology and the similarities and differences between different parts of the global ocean system.

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