naee-logo1. One of NAEE’s favourite places, Martineau Gardens, is crowdfunding for some urgent redevelopment.  You can see the detail here.  One donor said:

“Birmingham’s ‘secret garden’, given to us by a man who believed in Nature and education for all!”

Wildlife_Watch_Masthead_BLUE_22. Wildlife Watch has a feature on a DIY mammal footprint detector which you can construct from everyday objects using cat or dog food with a high meat content, sand and water.

CNN_LOGO_600_newsheader3. Here are some recent articles from the Children and Nature Network.  The first asks: Can Green Spaces Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease?

Others include:

combine214. In June, Kids Country, the education arm of the East of England Agricultural Society, held its fifth Food & Farming Day in Peterborough.  This was attended by almost 7,000 children from 69 schools and featured over 300 exhibitors from 85 companies across 12 learning zones.  The day was designed to raise the profile of the agricultural industry, and its importance in safeguarding the future wellbeing of the nation, by developing children’s connection with the journey from farm to fork.  For 2018 bookings it’s not too early to contact Sandra Lauridsen on 01733 363514.

Early bird booking is now open for the 125th anniversary of the GA and will be held in its hometown at Sheffield Hallam University from 5-7 April 2018.
The latest newsletter’s in the news section contains:

6. Wildlife Watch has a competitions feature.  These are “always lots of fun, whether it’s getting outside and creating art, helping wildlife yourself or drawing a picture, there’s so much for everyone to get involved with.”

324ef282-b757-4a2c-8c51-4728f587dc587. Click here to read the latest from Circle of Life Rediscovery which says:

“Join us in the woods this autumn.”

The Soil Association says that taking part in Organic September is simple, and there is something for everyone to try. Whether you’re looking for offers on organic products, want to know where to find organic veg box schemes, or are keen to discover new recipes to make mealtimes more interesting, we’ve got the tips to help you make the most of your Organic September.

591a9107cb3679. Finally, here’s the latest from Australian Geographic which has a feature on wildflowers of the mid-west as part of a botanical bucket list.

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