Logo1. The Natural History Museum says you can “Dive into the mysterious world of whales, dolphins and porpoises this summer at our new exhibition, Whales: Beneath the surface. Watch our short film to take look inside and find out more about one of the world’s most fascinating evolutionary stories.”  The top five things to do inside the exhibition:

  • hunt like a whale in an echolocation game
  • hear humpback whales sing with the whale jukebox
  • see over 100 specimens, including the Thames whale
  • discover creatures large and small found inside a whale’s stomach
  • explore how whale ancestors used to walk on land

earth-classroom-logo2. The Earthwatch Institute has a lot to offer schools in the coming year.  For example, it has a fully-funded Discover Earth programme in which its specialist team will lead lessons on how students can achieve a more sustainable planet.  Discover Earth says that it uses the national curriculum and Sustainable Development Goals to bring science and climate change to life in the outdoors.  There are also resources on topics such as earthworms, decomposition and freshwater.

df9438db-4970-49c1-9402-d709fa3ff6423. Click here to catch the latest from Think Global.  Its global learning annual event takes place on 28-29 November in Birmingham.  It will include the Think Global AGM.  The event is for organisations working in global learning and will:

  • demonstrate vision and showcase excellence in global learning
  • give participants the opportunity to learn, inspire and be inspired, network and make connections.

w580_580213_bannernewt24. The latest IUCN Protecting the Planet newsletter is here.  It’s a special world heritage edition which promises to “deliver the promise of Sydney”.  It includes a feature on new areas added to the world heritage list.

39bd9794-1827-477d-a239-0dc173c5af185. The LEEF AGM, Hallowe’en Crafts & Bat walk takes place on Tuesday 19th September.  You’ll be able to:

  • Learn how to run your own bat walk for schools and community groups
  • Delve into the crepuscular biodiversity of London’s urban parks
  • Network with other environmental educators & LEEF trustees

The event is hosted by Dr Iain Boulton, LEEF Chair.

6. Researchers at UCL Institute of Education, Birkbeck, London, and the universities of Sheffield and Nottingham are investigating the skills involved in learning and doing science in school.  They want to know UK Primary teachers’ views about this topic, and have a short survey which “should take just a few minutes to fill in”.  The survey can be found here.  Please contact the lead researcher Annie Brookman-Byrne with any questions, on abrook07@mail.bbk.ac.uk

7.  Witness the WildFuture Plates: A Seastainable Supper in Bristol is an evening of experimental dining examining innovative sustainable farming techniques and the wealth of sea plants growing just outside Bristol.

8. SEEd’s National Sustainable Schools Conference is on Monday 13th November (9.00am – 4.30pm) at Baden Powell House, London.  It costs £80 (£72.00 for SEEd members).  SEEd says it will “help you design a sustainability curriculum/school plan from any starting point with any year and ensure progression through the school. We take an action learning approach to encourage you to reflect and build on your current practice.  For more information email:  admin@se-ed.org.uk

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