UNESCO has released two education-focused reports:

This is an overview of the delivery of yet another adjectival education: GCE – Global Citizenship Education.  The report makes recommendations on how GCE can become a more integral part of teaching and learning.  It focuses on support for teacher education, better involvement of young people, and on creating better ways of measuring GCE and its impact on learners.

Some people will likely think that it’s school as a whole should be preparing young people for these challenges.  Others may well wonder if we know enough about the years ahead to be confident about what such challenges will be.

This looks at adapting ESD in a systemic fashion, and argues for the need to ‘build the capacity of educators’ to deliver this to learners.

Not before time, some will think, though eleven years after the start of the Decade does seems rather late to be talking about the need to build teacher capacity.


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