Martineau Gardens, in Edgbaston invited pupils from Christ the King Primary School, Kingstanding  to become Plant Professors for a day, during their school visit to the Gardens on Outdoor Classroom Day (Thursday 18 May).

When pupils attend a teaching session at Martineau Gardens they learn about the natural environment in the grounds of a beautiful community garden. Whilst  the teaching sessions are linked to the National Curriculum, all the learning takes place outdoors. They learn about the propagation of plants, in a glasshouse, surrounded by seedlings.  Each visit includes a tour of the Gardens, opportunities to pick and taste the produce that grow here. The children play and eat packed lunches around the ‘Shipwreck’ play area.

Caroline Hutton, Director at Martineau Gardens said:

“Martineau Gardens is a place where Birmingham children can connect to the natural world, there are places to play and explore countryside on their doorstep.”

Cath Madden, Primary School Teacher at Christ the King Primary School said:

“The children have had a great day of learning outside – they’ve seen food growing and understood it doesn’t grow in plastic bags, in the supermarket. They’ve had their horizons widened, tasting spinach and rhubarb grown here at the Gardens.”

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