070a189f-c312-47a6-9e7a-40d40d8e6908Dan Raven-Ellison will be giving the public lecture at this year’s GA Annual Conference [April 5 to April 7].   He’ll be talking about Guerrilla Geography: 125 ways to be a geography activist.  The lecture is free to attend so make sure you add it to your Conference booking.

Click here to see full details. 


EEArcticwordcloudCB2Countryside Classroom reports that Emma Espley recently worked with the Wiltshire-based charity, Wicked Weather Watch, to deliver an Arctic-themed event on the fundamental issue of climate change.  Over 80 KS2 pupils from seven primary schools across Gloucestershire came together to explore the impacts of our changing climate in a highly interactive manner and encompassing many different areas of the curriculum including literacy, numeracy, geography, computing, dance/drama, science, D&T, food technology and art.


809df2_a10de3f03ec847858aedfa2b011419ad~mv2_d_1650_1275_s_2ENSI has pulled together a wide range of material associated with SDG 5 – Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.  

ENSI says:  While the world has achieved progress towards gender equality and women’s empowerment under the Millennium Development Goals …, women and girls continue to suffer discrimination and violence in every part of the world.  … Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

You can access the ENSI report here.


getimage-1.ashxBayer is offering free science labs for school students.  Please contact baylabinfo@bayer.com or use the contact form.  Here are some of the other experiments that are used in Baylabs worldwide and the Royal Institution’s L’Oreal Young Scientist Center.

  • Primary schools: Vitamin C in our food / A question of cereal production / A flea’s life
  • Secondary schools Controllable molecules – trojans of medicine / Nanotechnology – the Lotus effect / Genetic makeup and health


Plastic.packagingC21LEAF/FACE have produced a new e-booklet in their Controversial Issues series.  The booklet helps students to examine the topic in detail with suggested activities and links to useful articles.

You can download the resource here.


PN-Jv-EKvzIs-VCVc4AE9hWS5l5t0xNWwyaQ9kNhzjYThe World Economic Forum has a feature on renewable energy on its website.  This begins:

The cost of renewable energy sources … continue to fall drastically, and it was only a matter of time before they were cheaper than fossil fuels.  The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) believes that’ll happen by 2020 based on their new report.  Prices could be as low as three [US] cents per kilowatt-hour for onshore wind and solar photovoltaic projects over the next two years.


Adidas_sold-400x300Adidas sold one million shoes made out of ocean plastic last year , reports Climate Action.  This came about through a partnership with Parley, a US organisation which works to protect ocean wildlife and stop plastic waste.

It’s estimated that each shoe reuses 11 plastic bottles which have been recovered and designed to make high performance sportswear.


20180303_IRC646The Economist has a detailed feature on plastic waste which contains a lot of data such as:

  • Since 1967 global plastic production has risen from around 2m tonnes a year to 380m tonnes, nearly three times faster than world GDP
  • Of the 6.3bn tonnes of plastic waste produced since the 1950s only 9% has been recycled and another 12% incinerated.  The rest has been dumped in landfills or the natural environment.


uob-logo-full-colour-largest-2Sustainability, Peace and Education – Exploring Promise and Practice is the focus of a one-day symposium on May 3rd at the University of Bristol.

Abstracts are invited for 5 minute ‘quick-fire’ papers on the following themes:

  • Education, inequalities and sustainability
  • People-centred sustainability: wellbeing and mental health in education
  • Sustainable peace: exploring key ideas / promising practice
  • ESD: creative responses and promising practice
  • Sustainability, peace, inequalities and higher education

 Send abstracts to cire-group@bristol.ac.uk by 1700, on March 26th.


logoThe Nature Connections conference, Beyond Contact with Nature to Connection, is taking place at the University of Derby, on Wednesday 20 June 2018.  Submissions are invited around the following:

  • Connecting people with nature for wellbeing.
  • Nature friendly education – encouraging children to be close to nature.
  • Connecting people with nature in towns and cities.
  • Connecting with the beauty of nature.

For full details and booking click here.

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