Birmingham City Council, in partnership with Veolia, is looking for Birmingham’s next “green” champions.  The Best Naturally Green (Biophilic) Scheme award is aimed at attracting entries that demonstrate the efforts people and organisations have made to connect to the natural environment by protecting wildlife, creating wildlife habitats and increasing biodiversity; improving access to green living spaces; taking part in local growing projects and carrying out schemes that help adapt to climate change.

Entries are welcome from businesses, community groups and education establishments in all, or a selection, of the following five categories:

  • Best Energy Efficiency Scheme – will recognise efforts made to reduce energy consumption and install renewables
  • Best Waste & Recycling Scheme – will recognise efforts made to reduce, reuse and recycle waste
  • Best Greener & Healthier Lifestyles (Food) Scheme – will recognise efforts made to increase food skills, food access, awareness of healthy eating, food sustainability and reduce food waste
  • Birmingham Connected Sustainable Travel Award – will recognise efforts made to achieve a shift towards sustainable travel
  • Best Naturally Green (Biophilic) Scheme – will recognise efforts made to make space for nature, protect wildlife and connect people with the natural environment

Application forms, criteria and more information about the categories can be downloaded here.  The closing date for entries is: Tuesday 31 May.

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