bugs1_wide-9d879b98ae26c94db39e2e11f54b01aad211152b-s1600-c85Here’s a story from the USA about an entrepreneur using fly larvae to deal with huge amounts of food waste.  It begins:

“Americans waste a staggering amount of food.  Instead of letting it rot and wreck the environment, some entrepreneurs want to put it to work feeding insects, and see the potential to revolutionize how we feed some of the livestock that provide us our meat.  Phil Taylor’s enthusiasm for insects is infectious.  The University of Colorado Boulder research ecologist beams as he weaves through a small greenhouse in rural Boulder County, Colorado. A room about the size of a shipping container sits inside.

“We call this the breeding chamber,” Taylor says. “I hesitate to say it, but it’s called ‘the brothel.'”

The room’s nickname comes in part from what happens inside. Its interior is packed full of flies — 20,000 black soldier flies, to be precise — mating. As they land, they face away from each other and shimmy their legs until their abdomens touch. …”

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