Are you a member of CLOtC?  If you are, you’ll know that the recent members’ newsletter contained:

  • curriculum updates to help you make what you do more effective
  • ideas on fundraising
  • information about resources and events to help you provide effective learning experiences.

Examples included:

There is a wealth of research, including Ofsted guidance, which demonstrates that learning outside the classroom (LOtC) has a greater impact on young people’s learning and development if it is integrated into the curriculum.  Pokesdown Primary School in Dorset has put this theory into practice, creating an integrated and engaging LOtC curriculum for its pupils.  In recognition of its good practice, the school has received LOtC Mark, the only national accreditation which recognises good practice in learning outside the classroom across the whole curriculum.

Jan Spencer of York St. John University explains the unique opportunity students at the university are given to experience learning outside the classroom, and explores how this experience helps to develop their skills as teachers.

A new report: Expanding delivery of care farming services to health and social care commissioners – NECR194, commissioned by Natural England’s Outdoors for All Programme in partnership with Care Farming UK and the University of Essex, sets out the benefits of care farming and offers recommendations for expanding the services for health and social care commissioners.

If you’re not, you can join here.

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