new-book-home-3Learning with Nature is a new resource from Circle of Life.

You can go to their blog for reviews from Chris Packham, the John Muir Award, Tim Gill, Learning through Landscapes and others.

It’s said to be suitable for groups of children aged between 3 and 16, with graded activities that help children develop:

• Key practical and social skills
• Awareness of their place in the world
• Respect for the natural world

all while enjoying the outdoors.  It’s written by experienced Nature educators and Forest School practitioners, using tried and tested games and activities, it provides comprehensive information for enriching childrens’ learning through nature. The games and activities are clearly categorized, with step-by-step instructions, age guide, a list of resources needed, and invisible learning points.

Chris Packham said:

“This book offers a chance to the youth of today and the nature of tomorrow. It has a wealth of structured, tried and  tested projects, ideas and games all designed to allow children to breathe fresh air and engage personally with a real  world where their minds and bodies can develop and bloom, burst into life and inspire them to love life.”

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