For every 1,000 cards dropped into one of its stores in January, M&S  will fund the Woodland Trust to plant a tree.  The charity and M&S have set an ambitious target to collect and recycle more than six million Christmas cards, which would mean more than 6,000 new trees in the ground.

Julia Bradbury is setting up her own online Outdoor Guide featuring online resources for people who love the outdoors.  She said:

After an over-indulgent Christmas, there’s nothing better than a bracing winter walk to see in the New Year, and rediscover all our countryside has to offer – from stunning woodland, to the fascinating wildlife that calls it home. What’s great is that, by clearing out your Christmas cards and recycling them at M&S, we can help the Woodland Trust plant thousands more trees that will become lush, vibrant woods for future generations to explore and enjoy.”

The Woodland Trust’s Joanne Mathieson said:

Through collecting more than 32 million cards over the last four years, the public and M&S have helped us plant more than 32,000 trees. The beauty of the M&S Christmas Card Scheme lies in its simplicity. People simply need to collect up all their cards after Christmas, which are often lying about, take them to their local M&S store – there are bins in most stores – and M&S will do the rest.”

 We applaud this scheme as we like trees and want more of them.  We don’t imagine the trees in question will be huge ones, and they won’t all grow, but we’ll still be joining in to support the Woodland Trust’s work.


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