Last May, the Countryside Jobs Service magazine had a special focus on environmental and outdoor education which included a lead article by NAEE.  This included extracts from teachers’ reports of pupil visits to two outdoor learning centres that were made possible by NAEE’s Kenrick bursaries.  One teacher reported:

It’s been a delight to see pupils who struggle with academic subjects being enthused to come to lessons learning science through practical experience at Martineau Gardens.  Success is already evident.  A recent Ofsted inspection remarked how this curriculum had really changed pupils’ enjoyment of science.   Pond dipping at the Martineau Gardens provided pupils with real life field work.  Here they also prepared beds with composted leaf litter in poly-tunnels and thinned out plants around the gardens.  These activities provided opportunities for classroom-allergic pupils to shine and engage with skills that could begin a lifelong passion for gardening.

You can read more of this story here, and find the entire special edition of the magazine here.

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