A report in the Guardian of a Canadian study reveals that huge numbers of birds are killed each year by flying into house windows:

“Collisions with windows are a serious source of mortality

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for birds: hundreds of millions die from window strikes each year in the US alone. Most attention to this problem has focused on high-rise buildings, because each individual building of this type can kill a great many birds.”

The Guardian report ends:

“As homeowners don’t want to reduce the number of birds in their yards, I think the next step will be to determine the best window deterrents they can use at their homes,” says study leader Justine Kummer of the University of Alberta. That means researchers need to investigate how to reduce collisions at the window level, such as by adding films or decals that make the window visible to the bird as an obstacle. Few studies of these products have been conducted so far, but future work will need to evaluate them both as a deterrent to birds and as aesthetically pleasing to homeowners, the researchers say.

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