research_councilsHere’s a link to an ESRC report on greening the electricity grid.  This begins:

“While a future where renewable energy prevails is a dream for many, today the UK is still heavily reliant on older power generation technology such as coal, gas and nuclear. What steps are necessary to make the renewable energy future a reality?  For the first time ever renewable energy surpassed coal in supplying the UK’s electricity for a whole quarter according to government statistics released in September 2015, which recorded that 25 per cent of electricity supply was generated by wind, solar and bioenergy.  While gas-fired power stations provided 30 per cent of our electricity, the rapid growth in renewable energy was achieved due to both more wind and sun, and more turbines and solar panels having been installed compared to the same period in 2014, when renewables contributed 16.4 per cent of electricity. …”


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