The Green Schools Project has a blog and you can see the archive here.  You’ll see that the latest post is about Extinction Rebellion and school climate strikes.

The first UK youth school climate strike was in London in December.  This  was arranged in only a few days and attracted around 12 school students.  Since then young people have been organising, inspired by Greta Thunberg who started striking from school and sitting outside the Swedish Parliament in September and has been doing it every Friday since then.  What started as a one person protest has now led to tens of thousands of students in Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and other countries to follow her lead, making the point that their futures are being compromised by the lack of action from older generations on climate change.  There will be strikes in cities and towns across the country on Friday February 15th .

If you’d like more background on the Green Schools Project, this post will be useful as it’s Morgan Phillips (Associate Director of the project and NAEE trustee), in conversation with Henry Greenwood, the GSP founder.  Henry will be writing for the NAEE blog later this year.





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