ef5d7fe2-2e52-4ebe-abcb-86868f77578fThe Global Footprint Network has launched a city pledge to #movethedate of Earth Overshoot Day.  The city pledge is the fourth to be  unveiled for Earth Overshoot Day.  This marks the date we will have used more from nature than our planet can renew in the whole year. Earth Overshoot falls on August 2 this year.

The Global Footprint Network’s interactive map map shows ecological footprinting work in cities and regions around the world.  The Network says that the global effort for sustainability will be won, or lost, in the world’s cities because as much as 80% of the global population is expected to live in urban areas by 2050.  Consequently, smart city planning and urban development strategies are instrumental to managing our demand for and supply of natural resources.

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