To recognise excellence in teaching about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Think Global has announce the return of its Global Educator of the Year Award for 2016. This year’s award focuses on the Sustainable Development Goals. If you know of someone who has been doing a great job teaching about the SDGs why not nominate them? They stand to win £500.

You can find out more about the award here. Send in your nominations by Friday 27 May 2016.
Think Global has also announced its participation in a new European project: Consumer Classroom which is an interactive community website providing advice and resources for teachers

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on how to help students become informed and responsible consumers.

Managed by French NGO ‘Expertise France’, the project team includes partners from all across Europe, and aims to create a sharing space where teachers can learn from and advise each other on consumer issues as they appear across diverse curricula. Head of Programmes Monika Kruesmann said

“This is a really great opportunity to further build our expertise and networks for sustainability education. Because it is a website-based project, we’re also really looking forward to sharing our expertise with online resources, which we keep updated with our popular Global Dimension website.”


Think Global is excited to


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