So says the GA which adds:

“These attractive A5 leaflets, updated for the new GCSE and A level qualifications in 2016, explain what geography has to offer students, just the thing for options time or GCSE/A level open evenings! Each pack contains 60 leaflets.  The front of the leaflet lists a comprehensive range of different career ideas and the inside answers ‘What is geography about?’, ‘What can geographers do?’ The back of the leaflet looks at ‘Where can geography take you? It points to the range of careers open to geographers and provides four short cameos of different jobs done by young people who have studies geography. The leaflets are suitable for a wide range of uses with no reference to any particular exam specification.

The quote used in the leaflet from The Guardian article, ‘Geography: it’s the must-have A level’ (13 August 2015) can be found here

For more information about geography careers go to:

An accompanying PDF of ideas for promoting GCSE geography from GA Magazine is available to download.

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