BLUETITS_articleThe BBC’s Discover Wildlife has a feature on a range of the birds found in urban gardens: Garden birds in April: Dawn chorus.

Here’s an extract:

The dawn chorus is one of those natural phenomena that lap at the doorstep, and yet is rarely heard and appreciated in its fullness. In theory, it’s easy to rise in the pre-dawn darkness and hear a procession of birds singing over an hour or so – blackbirds and robins at first, using their large, light-sensitive eyes, then woodpigeons, great tits, dunnocks and wrens.  But few people bother. Sure, they hear sound from their beds, and might even curse the birds for their early morning impertinence, but they seldom get up to listen.  That’s a pity; the dawn chorus can delight and overwhelm you, even in the garden. And it is not really a chorus: much more a competition, weighty with consequence and full of intrigue. …


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