g20-400x178Climate Action reports that a group of influential institutions controlling US$13 trillion of investments has called on members of the G20 to ratify the Paris Agreement this year.

The group, composed of 130 institutions, are urging G20 nations to ratify the agreement, increase investment in clean energy and put policies in place to enable the automatic disclosure of climate-related financial risk.

Emma Herd, Chief Executive of the Investor Group on Climate Change (IGCC) – one of the six organisations that represent the 130 investors on the letter said: “So investors are asking companies: tell us what the implementation of the Paris agreement means for your business so that we can price that risk and invest accordingly.”

In the letter to G20 nations, the signatories explain that ratifying the Paris Agreement early would enable countries to benefit from better policy certainty as well as appeal to investors in low-carbon technology.

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