w640_843949_banner01The latest issue of the IUCN regional newsletter ‘A Voice for Nature’ can be seen here.

This is prepared by the IUCN Regional Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia (IUCN ECARO), and sets out to be a credible source of information and news on nature conservation and sustainable management of natural resources in the region. It brings news from IUCN Members, Commissions and the Secretariat to strengthen the network and facilitate information flow across the region.  The ‘In the Focus’ section has features on:

  • Conservation works – IUCN ECARO at the Global Snow Leopard Forum 2017    International Snow Leopard and Ecosystems Forum took place from the 23rd through to 26th August 2017 in Bishkek. IUCN Vice President, Mr. Zhang Xinsheng, delivered a clear and positive message underlining conservation success stories which have proven time and time again that conservation works. Read more
  • The Caucasus Wildlife Refuge and Khosrov State Reserve are burning!     More than 20% of the State Reserve and 500 ha of the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge are on fire! About 35,000 ha of protected area may be completely lost, resulting in destruction of a valuable ecosystem that can take decades to regenerate. Please help to spread the message, any support is desperately needed now. Read more
  • Be a ranger for one day     To mark the World Ranger Day on the 31st July rangers in Albania organised community events across twelve PAs. Being a ranger is a committed, demanding and at times dangerous profession. This year alone, 105 rangers were killed doing their jobs, and the impacts are felt not only by their families and colleagues, but by local and global communities. Read more

There are also sections on valuing nature and conservation, governance of nature’s use, and publications.

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