As we recently noted, NAEE’s latest journal, Environmental Education Vol 111 (which has a wildlife theme) was released to members last month.  Here are a few of its feature articles:

Sharks: The Great Eggcase Hunt                                   Cat Gordon

Marine: Cool Seas Investigators                                     Jenny Griffiths

Invertebrates: Little things that rule the world        Luke Tilley 

Amphibians: Green Pathways project                         Becca Neal

Birds: Schools outreach                                                    Tim Webb

Fish: Stopping the beautiful invaders                            David Carson

Trees: Planting projects in Thailand                              Sudarat Sangkum

Seabirds: Advocacy across the Pacific                          Emma Cronin

Sharks: Sharks4Kids project                                            Jillian Morris-Brake

If you’re an NAEE member, you will have seen all this as part of your subscription.  To become a member just click here.

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