1000FACE is running a consultation to develop a Food and Farming Curriculum and would love it if you could spend a few minutes responding.  FACE says:

The national curriculum is full of opportunities to learn about food, farming and the countryside; but the reality is that educators do not make as much use of the context of food, farming and the countryside in their teaching as they could, and many young people complete their education without having a clear understanding of food sources and the farming environment.  Greater insight into our sectors will encourage students to follow academic or vocational courses that prepare young people to work in farming, but vital though that is, we want our focus to be on the things that will prepare them to be healthy, informed and engaged individuals and citizens.  We have put together a questionnaire which asks your opinion first about young children and then teenagers in secondary education, before asking for your thoughts as to the key issues and topics around food, farming and the countryside.  Please answer as many of the questions as you are able and have time for. You don’t have to be in education or farming to have an opinion.

You can access the questionnaire here:

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