Exploring by the Seat of Our Pants is one of the two articles published by Green Teacher in its September 2015 edition that is freely available to read.  We are highlighting it here to draw your attention both to the article, and to Green Teacher itself, as this is a journal that NAEE finds to be consistently informative and interesting.

The article begins …

An astronaut at the NASA Training Facility in Houston, Texas breaks down the ins and outs of spacesuits and dehydrated meals, from her hotel room in Ecuador a National Geographic Emerging Explorer describes the excitement of discovering two new species of manta rays and a journalist in Palestine shares the hopes and fears of isolated Pacific islanders whose homes are slowly disappearing beneath the waves.

What seem like a series of unrelated, fascinating events, is actually just a typical day in my eighth grade classroom. We’re ‘Exploring by the Seat of Our Pants,’ it’s easy and your students can do it too! …

To read the rest of the article, go to the Green Teacher website where you will also find details about how to subscribe.


The picture at the top of this feature was taken at the end of September 2010 in Ontario.  It shows a section of forest reflected in a dark pool.

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